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<i>The Sugarmaker's Companion</i> book (by Michael Farrell)
The Sugarmaker's Companion book (by Michael Farrell)
Item#: TMT83978


The Sugarmakerís Companion is the comprehensive guide small-and large-scale syrup producers have been waiting for in their quest to create a profitable business model. Michael Farrell (director of Cornell Universityís Uihlein Forest, a maple syrup research and extension field station in Lake Placid, NY) documents the untapped potential of American forests and shows how sugaring can turn a substantial profit for farmers while providing tremendous enjoyment and satisfaction.

Appealing to foresters, organic farmers with woodlands, homesteaders, preppers, permaculture enthusiasts, and, of course, sugarmakers, this book is applicable to a wide range of climates and regions, and is sure to change the conversation around syrup production and prove invaluable for both home-scale and commercial sugarmakers alike. This is a unique guide to making an integrated sugaring operation, interconnected to the whole-farm system, woodland, and community.

344 pages.